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14th & 15th
September 2019
10am to 5pm


The Cheese Festival would not be possible without the massive help we receive from the volunteers provided by many local organisations. As in previous years the Cheese Festival will make donations in recognition of the work they do.

We are delighted to say that we have been able to consider applications for grants this year. Successful applicants have been invited to our Giveawy Evening in February.

Applications for 2019 will not be considered until after the Festival in September, updated information will appear on this page. Please apply using this the application form. We will only consider application from organisations based within the boundary line of this map. However if your organisation is based outside this for administration purposes but the funding request is for within the area please complete the form and return it.

It would be much appreciated if forms could be returned electronically to 

The Cheese Festival Changing Young Lives Fund

The fund aims to provide substantial financial support to young adults to enable them to undertake activities which they would otherwise be unable to and from which they will gain experiences which will be of radical benefit in their future lives.

• £5000 is available for the current year.

• Applicants may apply for a grant of up to £5,000.

• A maximum of 4 applicants will receive grants in any year.

Applications will be welcomed from young adults:-

• Who have lived within the Sturminster Newton area for at least two years.

• Aged between 16 and 30 years old

• Where financial support would not normally be available elsewhere.

• Who can demonstrate commitment to their proposal and within their capability are prepared to financially contribute to the total cost.

The sorts of activities we may support:-

• Include, but not exclusively, adventure type expeditions such as Voluntary Service Overseas, Operation Raleigh, Jubilee Sailing Trust or Tall Ships voyages, Demanding Charity Work either abroad or in the UK as well as any other activity that stretches the applicant both physically and mentally.

Where support will not be considered

• For sponsored walks, bike rides etc. nor for commercially organised events.

• To provide financial help for conventional education neither post school nor work related.



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